Fish fry

These are my experiences for trying to find the best fish fry in Green Bay and surrounding areas.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gippers Sports Bar & Grill
1860 University Ave.
Green Bay, WI

If your hungry for one of the best fish frys' in Green Bay, then Gippers is the place to be.
Gippers is named after the famous Notre Dame football player George Gipp. George was Notre Dames' first All American football player. Oddly enough, however, George was on a scholarship to Notre Dame for his baseball talents and had never played organized football in his high school years. The famous Knute Rockne recruited George after watching him punt footballs.
The famous phrase "Win One for the Gipper" was one of George's last requests to coach Knute Rockne before he passed away from pneumonia. Eight years later when Notre Dame was trailing an Army football team, coach Rockne issued the request "Win One for the Gipper" and of course the rest is history.
The Gippers restaurant was very busy (a good sign) when I arrived at 7:45 pm. Gippers reminded a little of the Redwood Restaurant --all decked out with Packer football jerseys adorning the walls. Gippers also had some Badger football memorabilia too.
The service at Gippers was excellent and my perch plate ($11.95) arrived in less than 25 minutes. The perch plate included plenty of perch, coleslaw, beans, and your choice of either french fries, potato, potato salad, or steamed vegetables. The best thing I remember, however, was Gippers homemade tartar sauce ( it was the best that I've ever tasted).
I will give Gippers 5 stars ***** for service and the perch plate.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Redwood Inn
3361 Main st.
Green Bay,WI

The Redwood Inn has it all. It has great atmosphere and a terrific fish fry to boot.
The Redwood is decorated in Green Bay Packer memorabilia -- Packer jerseys adorn the walls of the Redwood.
On one friday evening I had the chance to meet one of the great running backs of the 60's -- Paul Hornung. He arrived one Friday evening carrying a suitcase and I happened to be near the front door -- so I opened the door to let him in. He had come to autograph his knew autobiographic book -- sorry I didn't get the chance to check it out.
On that night it was very busy -- I had arrived before 5 pm and when I picked a number for seating -- it was number 78. I ordered the perch plate take out and my wait was less than 20 minutes. It would have been quite a while had I decided to wait. Best to get there before 4 pm
if you want to beat the crowd or come on wednesday when it is not so busy (they have fish frys on wednesdays, saturdays, and sundays I believe too).
For a little over $10 the fish plate includes three paired fish fillets, cole slaw, tons of fries,and two large pieces of rye bread. If you decide to skip the fries ---they will give you not one but two potatoes. You will never run out of tartar sauce either. They have a large bottle of tartar sauce on the table so you never have to ask for more. At the end of the meal they bring you green soft serve ice cream.
I will give the Redwood Inn 5 stars *****for atmosphere and 4 and 1/2 stars for the fish fry.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Peshtigo Corral
811 French St.

On Friday January 28th, Curt (my youngest son) and I went to the Peshtigo Corral for supper. The Peshtigo Corral has been a favorite of locals for years for breakfast. I too have had breakfast at the Corral but never supper.
For $9.99 I chose the perch plate. Service was quick and we waited only around 10 minutes
for our meals. The perch were a little on the small size and somewhat dry tasting. The rest of the meal was great. They pile on the fries which are very tasty. The meal also included cole slaw, beans with onions (very good). and bread. Curt had a BLT wrap for only 4.99 and he has mentioned wanting to go back again. They also have great pies -- the chocolate cheese cake --is to die for.
I will give the Peshtigo Corral five stars ***** for service, three and a half stars for the perch plate and atmosphere ***1/2.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Eagles Club
1035 Vanderbraak St.
Green Bay, Wi

If your low on cash-- then the Eagles Club is the right place to go. For $9.00 you get 3 perch fry fillets (3 pairs), choice of potato, cole slaw, bread with onion topping ( what is it about bread and onions in Green Bay) and a soft drink to boot.
Although the atmosphere is nothing to get exited about ( not the best place to impress a date) the service is fast --I waited just a little over 10 minutes for the meal. It was not crowded either--I counted only eight people during my 30 minute stay.
I will give the Eagles Club two stars (**) for atmosphere and 4 stars (****) for the service and the meal.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Maricque's Bar

Maricque's Bar
1517 Univerisity Av
Green Bay, WI

Maricque's Bar is a popular place on Friday nights. When I arrived (at 4:45pm) the parking lot for Maricque's Bar was already full. I was lucky as someone was just pulling out and I managed to take the spot before the next vehicle arrived. The parking is tight and I am wondering how many fender benders have occurred there over the years.
Maricque's Bar appears to have a loyal following. Most of the patrons were over the age of sixty with only a few under thirty.
I sat down at the bar and ordered the 4 perch plate dinner for $9.25.This included perch (actually it turned out to be 8 perch) and a piece of buttered bread with an onion slice on it. I also ordered a side of onion rings (as I wanted more than just fish and a slice of bread) for an extra $3.95. The Mellow Yellow was $1.75.
The wait on the fish was not long. It took about 20 minutes. When I asked for extra tartar sauce (which wasn't nearly enough for the amount of fish) the waitress returned briefly with more sauce. At Maricque's there are no utensils to eat with. Everyone I saw ate with their hands. I didn't mind eating with my hands either.
The fish was quite tasty and the onion rings were good too. The men's bathroom, on the other hand, was confusing. On the outside of the bathroom it said "kings" but on the inside it said "women". At one point I wondered if I had entered the wrong room.
I gave "Maricque's "an overall score of 4 stars for service, 3 stars for the fish fry, and minus 1 star for parking -- the limited entry to Maricque's caused a SUV to back itself back on to University Avenue -- an accident waiting to happen.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mackinaw's Grill & Spirits
2925 Voyager Dr
Green Bay, WI

I had driven past Mackinaw's several times and on each occasion the parking lot was full -- a good sign I thought to myself.
When I walked into Mackinaw's a few weeks later I immediately liked Log cabin-like atmosphere. Service was quick and I decided to go for the Walleye Plate. About 45 minutes later -- it was not that busy that night -- I received my fish platter. The dinner cost $14.99 and all that I got was walleye and fries -- not a great deal. The fish was good size but a little bland tasting. The fries were quite good, however.
As I was leaving Mackinaw's I noticed on the wall that they had won some awards for having the best fish fry in town --- well - -I really can't believe that this is one of Green Bay's best-- and maybe I'll be back someday and they can prove me wrong. For now I will give Mackinaw's 5 stars for atmosphere but only 2 stars for the Walleye Plate.